The Shrine of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus is owned and administered by the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines. It is intended for the service of those who are under her personal jurisdiction, namely, the personnel and dependents of the AFP, PNP, PCG, BJMP, BFP including those retired from the service and lay volunteers serving the Shrine.

Those who are not under her personal jurisdiction can avail of the Sacrament of Marriage as a privilege given by the Military Bishop. They need to fulfill the basic requirements but still not a guarantee that their request can be granted.

Dependents of AFP/PNP/BFP/BJMP/PCG are eligible for discounts.
Discount Rates: Active: 50% | Retired & Dependents: 25%

  1.  Date of the Wedding (NO PENCIL BOOKING: "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE")
  2. Baptismal Certificate with notation "Marriage Purpose" for Canonical Interview
  3. 50% Deposit (Non-refundable)
  4. Personal Details Form - Shrine's Office
  5. Delegation Letters from RCAM for Non-Military/Dependent
  6. Marriage License (120 calendars validity) / Marriage Contract (if Civilly Married)
  7. "Freedom to Marry Certificate" if Foreign Nationals
  8. Dispensation Certificate, if one party is Non-Catholic
  9. Forfeiture of Deposit for Non-Compliance to 1-7
  10. Crasm and Celebret with ID of Invited Priest
  11. Wedding Banns (c/o Shrine)
  12. Confirmation Certificate with "Marriage Purpose"
  13. Permission Letter (c/o Shrine)
  14. Pre-Cana Seminar Certificate
  15. List of Principal Sponsors
  16. List of Wedding Songs
  17. Printed Missalet (2 copies)
  18. Confession Certificate (3 days before the Wedding Schedule)
  • Final Booking: The couple must personally appear at the Shrine's Office including those outside in the Philippines for CANONICAL INTERVIEW and then give fifty percent (50%) down payment of the wedding package they choose which is non-refundable.
  • Canonical Interview (No Baptismal Certificate with "Marriage Purpose, No Interview"). Call Shrine's Office for the Schedule.
  • Discount is applicable only to immediate family members (Mother, Father, Brother or Sister) or any active AFP Member.
  • Pre-Cana (Offered every fourth Saturday of every month). Parties may attend Pre-Cana Seminar of their own choice (Secure Certification)
  • Kindly, avoid sleeveless gowns (except for the bride) in respect to sanctity of the  celebration. Use shawl if needed. Not allowed for the bride and ladies' entourage: Plunging necklines, Spaghetti-straps tops, Sleeveless, tight or low-cut clothing or dresses with long cuts or slits, any and all see-through clothing, and any inappropriate clothing for the church's celebration.
  • Commentator MUST be from the Shrine, exclusively. Readers - 1st Reader, Responsorial Psalm, 2nd Reading and Prayer of the Faithful can be assigned by couple.
  • Ring, Coin, Bible bearers and Flower girls: No age required, as long as they are able to do their tasks.
  • Photographers are prohibited from the Sanctuary. It is located at the area where the Priest celebrate the Holy Mass.
  • Showers of Petals: Only flower petal allowed - no rice, confetti, etc.
  • Final payment must be made after Requirements 1-7 has been met.
  • Final visit should be 3 days before the schedule to have Confession and to CHECK your marriage contract for any errors or corrections. It is also a day to submit your Wedding Missalet place in a clear folder. Bring with you your Wedding Coordinator to finalize everything.
  • Wedding entourage MUST be started at least 15 minutes before the wedding schedule.
  • Registered Marriage Contract can be followed-up after one month of marriage, or you may inquire @ 832-7915 (Pasay City Hall)
Last Updated: September 9, 2018