Wedding at the Shrine

The Shrine of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus is owned and administered by the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines. It is intended for the service of those who are under her personal jurisdiction, namely, the personnel and dependents of the AFP, PNP, PCG, BJMP, BFP including those retired from the service and lay volunteers serving the Shrine.

Those who are not under her personal jurisdiction can avail of the Sacrament of Marriage as a privilege given by the Military Bishop. They need to fulfill the basic requirements but still not a guarantee that their request can be granted.

The Process for the Request of the Sacrament of Marriage

A. RESERVATION: Be made at least THREE (3) MONTHS.

  1. Pencil Booking: Reservation can be made by call or walk in and is valid only for TEN (10) DAYS including Sundays and holidays. Reservation will be automatically deleted the next day.
  2. Final Booking:The couple must personally appear at the office for CANONICAL INTERVIEW and then give fifty percent (50%) down payment of the total fee which is non refundable.

B. SUBMISSION of the following documents the deadline would be fifteen (15) days before the wedding. Non compliance with this policy means cancellation of the schedule.

  1. Letter of Intent addressed to: (For those not under the MOP)
    His Excellency Oscar Jaime L. Florencio, DD
  2. Baptismal Certificates of the Couple with notation “for marriage purposes.”
  3. Marriage License (original) from the Office of the Civil Registrar (valid for 120 days)
  4. If civilly married, photocopy of Marriage Contract with the Registry Number.
  5. Marriage Banns from the parishses of the couple (3 Sundays).
  6. Written permission from the parish of the bride.
  7. Permission Letter from the Parish Priest of our Lady of the Airways, Pasay City.
    Telephone: #851-4371
  8. Permission Letter from His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.
  9. Certificate of Confirmation with notation  “for marriage purposes”.
  10. Clearance from the Commanding Officer for AFP personnel (for AFP personnel).
  11. Death Certificate from the widowed party.
  12. Declaration of Nullity for Annulled Marriage.
  13. List of Sponsors
  14. Letter of requests for special needs for the approval of the Shrine Administrator.

Additional Documents with Special Concerns:
Marriage with Foreign Nationals

  • Certificate of Freedom to marry from the foreigner’s embassy
  • Clearance from the MOP Chancery (AFP Ecumenical Bldg., Camp Aguinaldo, QC)
  • Additional clearance may be required by the foreigner’s embassy.

Between Cathlic and Non Catholic

  • Certificate of Affiliation from the church of non catholic party.
  • Certificate of Freedom to Marry from the pastor or religious head.
  • Certificate of Dispensation for Mixed marriage or disparity of cult from the MOP Chancery (AFP Ecumencial Bldg., Camp Aguinaldo, QC)

C. Attend a one day PRE CANA SEMINAR (the schedule is every last Saturday of the month).
D. The office will only deal with the couple not with the wedding coordinators knowing the importance and the complexity of the celebration.