Altar Servers Ministry
This ministry seeks, more than anything, to encourage the young to fully engage our faith through their service to the Church as youth altar servers. Serving at the altar gives the young a hands on, personal experience of God’s work in the liturgy. It also can be an opportunity for them to work alongside other children and adults and be edified by their witness of faith.

The Ministry of Altar Servers is open to young men, but must obtain parental permission and agree to comply with a dress code when serving.  Altar Servers are assigned to assist the clergy during Mass hours, Holy days, wedding and funeral liturgies.

If you feel that would like to serve the Church by being an Altar Server, please fill out the appropriate query in this form or call (?).

Apostleship of Prayer
Apostleship of Prayer (Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network) can be defined as an association of the faithful that helps Christians unite their prayers and their lives to the prayer and the mission of the universal Church, of which the Holy Father’s general and missionary intentions remind us every year.

Any person can become part of this service to the Church. Please fill out the appropriate query in this  form or call (?).

“I would also like to invite you to join in the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, which spreads, also through social networks, the prayer intentions I propose for the Church each month. In this way, the Apostleship of Prayer moves forward and communion grows.” – Pope Francis

Biblical Apostolate Ministry
A community of disciples, committed to a new Evangelization based on the Word of God; witnessing to the gospel and striving to be a Church that is poor and for the poor, with Mary, Mother of the word.

The Biblical Apostolate Ministry seeks to spread, proclaim, celebrate and meditate the Word of God as Good News to the Poor, let the Bible inspire all pastoral  work, and be guided by the teachings of the Church.

Eucharistic Ministers
Extraordinary Ministers for the distribution of Holy Communion are properly formed, instructed and commissioned lay persons.  Eucharistic Ministers assists the Ordinary Ministers of Communion (Bishops, Priests and Deacons) to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ at daily and weekend Masses, Holy Days and special events.

In order for a person to be appointed as an Eucharistic Minister, there are selection criteria, formation and training which must be met. To find out these conditions, please fill out the appropriate query in this form or call (?).

Greeters and Collectors
The Ministry of Greeters and Collectors welcome the faithful as doormat of the Shrine. Just as we greet guests to our home, make them feel welcome, and tend to their needs, so do the greeters and collectors.

They have many responsibilities before, during and after liturgical celebrations  such as guiding Mass goers to vacant seats, call the attention of Mass goers who are not properly dressed, as well as those who use cell phones inside the Church; make sure that wheelchair-bound Mass goers are in front. They have to see the traffic of people during communion and existing after Mass, and lastly, collectors of love offerings.

Lectors and Commentators
The Lectors and Commentators Ministry is for the lay faithful who are willing to grow spiritually and commit themselves to perform their duties and responsibilities specifically in the proclamation of the Word in liturgical celebrations.

This ministry  ensure that the Word of the Lord is accorded due meaning and significance for parishioners to lead a true Christian life.

Mass Technical Assistants
This ministry whose main function is to assist in setup, fold up, provide technical support particularly in sound system, lighting and repair/maintenance of equipment.

Mass Technical Assistants play an important role during  daily and weekend Masses, Holy Days and special events. It is the medium in which the message or preaching is conveyed from the speaker to the listeners in a wholesome manner. 

Mother Butler's Guild
Mother Butler’s Guild, a mandated ministry in the Shrine of St. Thérèse, work its apostolate in close collaboration with the Church hierarchy. It is an organization of Catholic women whose main concern is the sanctification of its members and their fellowmen through service to the Lord in the care and beautification of the altar.


Music Ministry
The Music Ministry commits to the liturgical singing in the Shrine. It gives praise and worship to the Lord through the solemnity and purity of song and instills participation and oneness of the congregation.

The members share in proclaiming the word of God through singing of the psalms, responses and hymns. If you enjoy singing and could offer your prayer through music, please fill out the appropriate query in this form or call (?).

Shrine Youth Ministry
Shrine Youth Ministry is important in the life of the Church! In this grace-filled moment, everyone is called, by the Lord.  Youth are defined as young people ages 12 to 39. The Church recognizes the vastness of age demographic, their youthful enthusiasm and energy.

This ministry provides for the formation and organization of the youth – with events, retreats, mission trips – to realize their potential, empower them to live as disciples of Jesus, elicit their participation in Church activities, and to prepare them as future church leaders.