Marian Movement

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The Movement started in the Philippines in 1983, with four priests holding monthly cenacles in a private home. This group eventually grew to about twenty priests and six nuns.

At present, there are several cenacles of priests being held in the country; in the military and police, in Antipolo, and even as far away as Cebu among others, not to mention that which is regularly being held in Quezon City as well as countless cenacles of members of the religious and lay faithful from Luzon to Mindanao.

To date, there have already been ten M.M.P. Priest Responsibles for the Philippines:

  • Rev. Fr. Mendoza
  • Rev. Fr. Charlie Pras, OMI
  • Rev. Fr. Guerrero, SJ
  • Rev. Fr. Clarence Bertelmann
  • Rev. Msgr. (Gen.) Castillo
  • Rev. Fr. Antonio Olaguer
  • Rev. Msgr. Francisco Tantoco
  • Rev. Fr. Romerico “Omer” Prieto
  • Rev. Msgr. Cesar Salomon
  • Rev. Msgr. Cesar B. Pagulayan