Youth reminded: ‘God’s Word makes us less selfish’

An official from the Diocese of Novaliches shared that young people will become less self-centered if they return to the Bible, during the 7th Biblical Apostolate Assembly for the National Capital Region held at the St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders in this city on Oct. 6

“It is the Word of God that will draw us out of ourselves, focus something beyond ourselves, and bring us all to Him,” said Vicar General for Adminstration Msgr. Jesus Romulo Ranada in Filipino during his homily for the closing Mass of the said assembly.

The priest said he believes young people have to struggle with the push and pull of self-centered interests and “God’s interest.”

Youth needing guidance

“The youth of today are torn between personal interest – interests that are self-centered, selfish – and the interest that the Biblical apostolate keeps alive, and that’s the interest of the Lord God,” said Ranada.

He also noted how the two interests are at odds.

Ranada then highlighted the importance of the Word of God to young people and how it should guide them.

“We know in the coming year, The Year of the Youth, our youth is in need of guidance,” he stressed. “Parents may not be at their side all the time, but if the Bible is there, it is good that the Word of God itself will be there for them and to serve as their light and guide.”

Youth called to serve

Ranada then asked the faithful to use Scripture to inspire the youth to serve and to draw closer to God.

“It is the Word of God that has called you to serve,” he said, echoing the theme of the assembly, “Kabataang Tinawag ng Salita ng Diyos Tungo Sa Paglilingkod” (Youth Called By The Word Of God To Serve).

“I hope in the Biblical apostolate in our own dioceses and parishes, we live witness to God’s true will. And His will is for us to be one, to be together,” he added.

Nearly 400 Biblical apostolate members and leaders from the Dioceses of Cubao, Kalookan, Manila, Parañaque, Pasig, and Novaliches attended the event.

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